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  • 290 Buyers (Meet Finland: 290, Global Workshop: 271)
  • 26 Event Partner (Meet Finland: 26, Global Workshop: 26)
  • 189 Supplier tables (Meet Finland: 146, Global Workshop: 43)
  • 8563 Requests
Matka Workshop Day will be held on 16 January 2019 in conjunction with MATKA 2019 Nordic Travel Fair, and it includes two parallel events: Meet Finland and Global Workshop. This B2B matchmaking event brings together travel trade professionals globally seeking to connect with key contacts and to facilitate business deals. 

The event is an excellent forum to learn about possibilities for expanding business activities with Finnish and international tour operators, travel agencies and online agents.
An online tool allows qualified attendees to schedule on-site meetings in advance for Matka Workshop Day on 16 January 2019 and also to continue meetings at the exhibition stands on 17-18 January 2019.
Meetings can be requested between 3rd and 18th of January 2019.
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In 2018 there was: 

  • 92% of the participants would recommend the event
  • 7590 meeting requests
  •    206 supplier companies
                 - 126 Meet Finland
                 - 80 Global Workshop
                 - 36 represented countries (supplier)
  •     273 buyers – 238 tour operators, 35 representatives of event partners
                - 32 represented countries (buyer)
  •    23 media companies
  •    632 persons in total
  •    50 represented countries in total

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