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Location: Inari-Saariselkä region, Lapland, Finland. Next to Urho Kekkonen national park.

Polarlife is a new product line and it offers three main experience in the same package. Polarlife takes you into:
1. the local culture and stories
2. rich outdoor life around the clock
3. the pure wild wellness

Polarlife offers 4 to 5 days and nights guided outdoor programs in Lapland.

Packages include for example:
Guided hiking trips
Guided canoeing
Sauna culture
Forest yoga
Gold history
Fishing trip
Forest bath
Forest yoga
Dinner & local culture

Market segments: Generation Y/Millenials/EcoBoomers, Activity and Well-being Travellers, Friend groups, Couples.
Age: 25-40 years
Target countries: Denmark, UK, Holland, China.

Polarlife (Arctic Outdoor -project)

What we offer

My area of expertise is Polarlife Tours. We offer premium outdoor tours to the arctic including guided outdoor programs. Polarlife tours are for groups and individual travellers. We offer a new travel consept including outdoor activities, wellbeing and local culture.

What we are looking for

I´m looking for distribution partners from tour operators/travel agencies interested in outdoor tours.


Ms Anni Kyösti

Project coordinator

- Meet Finland Workshop

Matka Day(s):
- Thu 17.1.2019

Ms Nina Saniola


- Meet Finland Workshop
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