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Helsinki Marketing is a marketing company owned by the City of Helsinki.
Helsinki Marketing is responsible for Helsinki’s operative city marketing and business partnerships. Helsinki Marketing’s scope of operations covers marketing activities related to tourism, congresses, events and business promotion, application procedures for major events and congresses, some of the city’s event productions, and tourist information services. Its target audiences include local residents and international tourists, decision-makers and experts. Helsinki Marketing works in close cooperation with the departments and units of the City of Helsinki.
The company’s former marketing name was Visit Helsinki. The name Helsinki Marketing reflects the company’s expanded scope of operations and was introduced in April 2017.

Helsinki Marketing

What we offer

Helsinki Marketing is responsible for operative city marketing of Helsinki. We produce a range of brochures, uphold a material bank and will help you to find the right contacts for your business. We work closely with the travel trade to further develop of the city and what it has to offer for its visitors. We can also help organize familiarization tours for travel trade and media.

What we are looking for

I wish to meet tour operators that are interested in Helsinki. I can give new product suggestions and try to find answers to your Helsinki oriented problems. I know Helsinki suppliers and can recommend and introduce you to new contacts. I looking forward to assist you to start Helsinki production and finding the right kind of co operator in Helsinki.


Ms Anne Relander

Account Manager

- Meet Finland Workshop

Matka Day(s):
- Thu 17.1.2019- Fri 18.1.2019

Ms Sanna Salonen

Account Manager, Travel Trade

- Meet Finland Workshop

Matka Day(s):
- Thu 17.1.2019
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