Cruise and ferry company

Long seafaring tradition
Every day, since 1959, our red and white vessels cast off and head to exciting destinations around the Baltic Sea. In Helsinki, Tallinn, Turku, Stockholm and Mariehamn new experiences and attractions will captivate you. Take a day trip or stay longer. The choice is yours.
A cruise on one of our ferries is the most attractive way to travel between Sweden, Finland and Estonia.
Viking Line is a Finnish cruise & ferry line operating 7 vessels in the Baltic Sea on the following routes: Helsinki - Stockholm, Turku – Stockholm, Helsinki - Tallinn and Kapellskär - Mariehamn.
We welcome passengers from all over the world enjoy the cruise experience on the Baltic Sea!
All our terminals are located near the city centers.
Excellent views and visibility of the sea and the breathtaking archipelago through the large panorama windows of our ships.
First-class dining, spa treatment, tax-free shopping and top entertainment round off the experience.
Welcome on board !

Viking Line

What we offer

• The most attractive and efficient communication between Finland and Sweden
• Central location of ports – great photo opportunities and short transfers
• Scandinavian/Finnish standard of product
• Market leader between FIN-SWE
• Good food, excellent tax free shopping, entertainment, small casino (when applicable), Spa & sauna – combined with the most beautiful archipelagoes of the world!

What we are looking for

We are open year around for all kind of travelers , wanted to explore Finland , Sweden and Estonia


Mr Janusz Grabowski

sales and marketing director international markets

- Meet Finland Workshop

Matka Day(s):
- Thu 17.1.2019

Mr Ralf Buchfink

Passenger Sales and Marketing Manager Western Europe

- Meet Finland Workshop

Matka Day(s):
- Thu 17.1.2019
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