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Suomussalmi is the northernmost municipality in the
Province of Kainuu. Highway 5/E63 and the travel road Via Karelia run through it.
The most versatile nature resort is the Hossan retkeilyalue trekking area. During the summer it provides good hiking, trekking, paddling and fi shing options, while during the
winter ice fi shing, cross-country skiing and snowmobile trips attract people to the pure and peaceful outdoors.
Guided hikes in Hossa and Martinselkonen take hikers to the pure and multifaceted nature for several days. The numerous ponds and lakes and the streams and rivers connecting them are good fi shing places for the whole family. They also form easy paddling routes.
Guided cross-country skiing treks are organized during the winter near the eastern border of Finland between Hossa and Martinselkonen. The longest treks take the skiers all the
way to Kuivajärvi and the northernmost parts of Kuhmo.

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What we offer

Spend your summer Holiday paddling, fishing, berry picking,
mushroom picking or hunting. A wintry holiday spirit arises from skiing, sledding or ice fi shing. You can do all this independently or with a guide!

What we are looking for

Travel agncys who are intrested in outdoors activitys for privat customers or grups.


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Tourism Manager

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